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Ontario’s Favourite Ice Cream Shops

Ontario’s Best Ice Cream Scoops & Shops

Warning! A hot summer combined with limited events is going to call for a lot of ice cream this year.  Good thing Ontario also has lots of fun physical activities that help you justify eating the creamy rich and delicious good stuff. Summer is saved by ice cream you might say.

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People of all ages who love sweet treats love ice cream. Ice cream is usually made with daily milk or cream that is flavoured with sweetener and an un-ending range of flavours. This combination, that sometimes contains eggs is pasteurized, homogenized and then churned and frozen. Churning the mixture ensures that ice crystals do not form, keeping it smooth and silky. 

Ice cream is then kept in the freezer until serving. There are non-churn versions of ice cream production techniques along with homemade recipes and tasty at-home simple-to-make recipes. Lately there has been new dairy-free ice creams popping up to serve those with allergies or are vegan made with coconut milk and other delicious dairy alternatives.

However going out for ice cream has become a highlight of the summer for children, families and couples’ date nights, everyone really. It’s not just ice cream either, don’t forget about gelato, sorbet, soft serve and what is maybe harder to find, vegan and dairy-free ice cream. With everyone staying home, making close-to-home or short trips in Ontario this summer, personal favourites have been determined in all parts of the province and it’s getting serious. 

Ice cream is known and beloved for having a creamy texture and rich flavours. Flavours can be as deliciously simple like vanilla or chocolate to mind-blowing and bizarre like salty bacon or even melon with prosecco (if you need the 411 on that one, let me know). These flavours will really wake up your taste buds. Seasonal flavours from Ontario are even more of a treat when made Ontario strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or other summer berries. The real scoop is that all of them are amazing and there are no bad ice cream flavours out there. If you watch Top Chef, you know it can be done with foods like paté. Everyone’s palette is different.

How ice cream is served is another variable in the equation. The ice cream cone alone means making decisions like regular, waffle, sugar, dipped, sprinkled and whatever else your imagination might desire. You can have it in a bowl or a cup, or easy one-handed cookie ice cream sandwiches. There is little debate that ice cream is probably one of the best frozen treats introduced into the culinary world. Amen.

Tell Us Your Favourite Ontario Ice Cream Parlour

It’s time to list the best ice cream places in Ontario by region and create (and protect) a solid go-to list. Finding dairy-free or vegan ice-cream can also be challenging and hopefully you can help make this list inclusive in making sure everyone has options when looking to find Ontario ice cream shops for them. For now, this list is made from a few of the author’s personal favourite ice cream shops and favourites found in other articles online. These will stand to start the list while more intelligence is gathered. 

Cottage Country’s Favourite Ice Cream Brand

One of the stand-out favourites was started in cottage country and that is the well-loved is Kawartha Dairy. Over 80 years old this 100% Canadian business was started in Bobcaygeon and is still run by the same family. The company has grown to have ice cream shop throughout Ontario and has scaled the business to include buying the ice cream by the pint in grocery stores so it can be enjoyed at home. 

Pro tip – it’s worth stopping at their ice cream shops for way more flavours with names like “Bear Claw” or “Maple Sugar Shack”. Flavours like these are made to satisfy any sweet tooth out there. Pro-pro tip, some of their locations even have drive-through service. 

A few tips from excited ice cream lovers come including the locally known go-to for soft serve in the heart of Georgian Bay is Wyevale Jug City and that rare and sought after vegan soft-serve can be enjoyed at the Georgian Grill in Balm Beach. 


Fancy City Ice Cream Shops, Cones and Sundaes

If you’ve been to Clifton Hill lately in Niagara Falls or the city of Toronto, your eye was likely caught by the bright and silly Sweet Jesus ice cream shop or one of the whacky ice cream sundaes available on the hill. These are always list toppers for favourites.

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BANGIN’ BROWNIE 🍦 Chocolate soft serve, caramel, chocolate sauce, brownie, chocolate cookie 🤤🤤🤤 . . . Photo: @candycutlery

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Toronto also has its famous ice cream, even just the names Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery or Dutch Dreams are fun and deliciously refreshing!

Are these really the best? We will put it to the test and know ToDoOntario fans will fulfill and answer anyone’s questions. Not only that, the result will be one really awesome list of places to go get ice cream this summer, or any and every summer. 

Your job is easy, you get to brag about your favourite ice cream and see if it makes the list.  Just tell us your favourite place to go get ice cream, near you, near your cottage, on-the-road – whatever! If you are dairy free or vegan, we want to know that too. 

Here are a few of the nomations:

Kawartha Dairy – Huntsville
Cowan’s Dairy Bar – Brockville
Scoops – Mississauga
Ice Cream Dreams – Bala
Huckleberries Chocolatiers – Sudbury
Downtown Ice Cream Shoppe – Merrickville

Stay tuned as we continue to build this list! Can you help? Yes you can! See below! 

Help Us Create The Ultimate Ontario Ice Cream To-Do List

Use the survey or send us an email fun(at) Thank you! 

Click here for the survey:


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ToDoOntarioOntario’s Favourite Ice Cream Shops
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Ontario’s Best Summer Beaches

Coronavirus Note:

We would like to say, of heavy importance – please don’t crowd the beaches. If the beach is full (which is already too much), go home, go find something else to do, it’s not your beach day. Try again another time. It’s a challenging time to enjoy a limited resource and we need to respect that. Looking for a way to have a private beach? Read this blog about Where to Find a Private Beach in Ontario

This note being said, please check ahead for any beach closures before heading out. Stay safe, stay covered, stay spf’d, stay distanced. Thank you. 

Top Beaches in Ontario, by Region

Attention, all of you sun-worshipping water babies: these are our picks for the top beaches in Ontario.

ToDoOntario, Ontario's Best Beaches

Disclaimer: Ontario has many, many, MANY outstanding beaches. We know yours might not have made our list. It doesn’t mean your favourite beach isn’t awesome – it is! Believe us, it was HARD selecting our top picks for the best beaches in Ontario (hey, it’s a tough job, but we’re happy to do it!).

So what criteria did we use to select our favourite beaches? Amenities, ease of parking, clear swimmable water, accessibility for paddlers, nearby attractions and overall beauty were our top considerations.

Here are our top picks for Ontario beaches, by region:

Southwest Ontario

If you’re looking to recreate the experience of visiting the tropics, head over Port Dover Beach to lounge by the palm trees. Yes, you read that correctly – palm trees! Each year, 15ft palms are planted and grow happily outdoors for five months (when the summer season is over, the palm trees are transported to spend winter in a greenhouse). Lake Erie is the second-smallest of the Great Lakes, and its shallow waters are warm and inviting. Anglers can fish off the pier or charter a boat and head out on the open waters. The town of Port Dover itself is as charming as it gets. Just be mindful of visiting on a Friday the 13th: this town is known for hosting large biker rallies on that conspicuous date.

Southwest Ontario Tourism


Niagara Region

Sunset Beach in St. Catherines is a peaceful spot, situated on the southern shore of Lake Ontario. The 1200 ft beach is sandy and well-groomed, an inviting spot for swimmers, sunbathers and paddlers alike. There’s a playground for kids, paved trails for bikes and rollerblades, a boat launch, picnic area and public washrooms. Sunset Beach is also close to the Welland Canals Parkway Trail, a 45 km paved trail that is ideal for cycling.

Niagara Tourism


ToDoOntario, kids sand beach fun

Hamilton, Halton and Brant

The wee town of Winona is home to the Fifty Point Conservation Area, a massive, eighty-hectare park loaded with activities and amenities for nature lovers. The beach is clean and warm, making it an ideal spot for swimming. There are 340 docking spaces for boats, making this a great location for anglers. The surrounding parkland is known as a “hotspot” for birding, so bring your binoculars with you. Pack a lunch and come for the day or, if you’d like a longer stay, reserve one of their well-serviced, accessible campsites.

Hamilton, Halton & Brant Tourism


Huron, Perth, Waterloo & Wellington

In a region best known for farmland, the only beaches to be found here are on the shores of Lake Huron, and most of those are rocky. There is, however, a treasure of a sandy beach at Point Clark. Aside from blue waters and sand, one of the cardinal traits about this site is the Point Clark Lighthouse and Museum. Climb the 114 steps of the limestone lighthouse (built in the 1850s) and take in the spectacular view! The beach itself also has a large boat launch for those hoping to spend some time in nearby open waters.

Huron, Perth, Waterloo & Wellington Tourism



Stuck in the city this summer? No worries, you can still have the sun and swim time you crave at Toronto’s Cherry Beach. Here you’ll find a surprising beach oasis in the city, with swimmable waters, a food truck and a great, big dog park if you’d like to bring your furry four-legged friend. You don’t need to bring your car, either! Cherry Beach is accessible by TTC (take the 121 bus from Union Station).

GTA Tourism


York, Durham and Headwaters

Sibbald Point Beach juts out into the waters of Lake Simcoe and is just a short, one-hour drive from Toronto. Here you’ll find many a family out for a day trip to splish-splash in the shallow, warm lake. Sibbald Point is another of Ontario’s provincial parks, which means it’s equipped with the usual amenities for changing, washrooms, and facilities for campers. When you’re ready for a break from the beach, explore the park’s museum (it was the original Sibbald Estate home), historic cabin, an 1870s Anglican church and churchyard, where you’ll find the resting place of famed Canadian author, Stephen Leacock.

York, Durham & Headwaters Tourism


ToDoOntario, beach activities, Standing Up Paddleboarding

Bruce Peninsula

Okay, this was a tough toss-up between Tobermory and Sauble – both are outstanding choices for a day at the beach. However, for us, the scales tipped in favour of Sauble Beach. The 11+ km of public beach is soft and sandy, and the shores of Lake Huron are warm and shallow, making it a perfect spot for families seeking fun by the water. One of our favourite features: Sauble Beach is westward-facing, so the views of summer sunsets are quite spectacular. There’s plenty of other activities to be had too if you’d like to mix up your beach day with some golf, hiking or shopping.

BruceGreySimcoe Tourism


Southern Georgian Bay

Can we call this one a tie? Because we really can’t choose between the following two candidates:

Wasaga Beach is, reportedly, the longest freshwater beach in the world. Wasaga is a non-stop beach party; this is a community built for summer fun. There’s a colourful, touristy boardwalk filled with beach apparel, concession stands, bars and restaurants. If you’re looking to live out your full Frankie-and-Annette beach party dream, this is the right spot for you.

Alternately, if you’re looking for a beach experience that connects you to nature, we can’t think of a better spot than Awenda Provincial Park. Awenda – the second-largest provincial park in Ontario – has five beautiful mixed sand/stone beaches to for swimming and sun-worshipping. The drive into the park through protected forest is astonishingly beautiful, and there’s plenty of woods for hiking for those looking to commune with nature. There are campsites at Awenda for those of you who’d like more than a one-day getaway, but book early – spots fill up quickly.

BruceGreySimcoe Tourism


Lake Simcoe – Couchiching Beach Park

Couchiching Beach Park is an excellent place for families to play for the day. Here you’ll find a playground, picnic areas, gardens, a boat launch, and washrooms/changing facilities. Couchiching Beach Park is home to many summer events, and you’ll often catch live music playing in the bandshell. When you visit, bring your bike or roller blades – there’s an excellent paved trail along the waterfront.

BruceGreySimcoe Tourism


Kawarthas Northumberland

It’s a hard call, but we’re going to put our money on Coburg Beach as our top pick for the Kawarthas Northumberland region. A beautiful, well-groomed beach and amenities include a splash pad for kids, canteen, picnic area and basketball court. If you can, try and visit during the first weekend in August when the annual Coburg Beach Sandcastle Contest takes place. This is when master artists descend on the beach to create some pretty remarkable sand sculptures (bring your camera!).

Kawartha Northumberland Tourism


Southeastern Ontario

The largest sand beach on the St. Lawrence Corridor is beautiful and has a spooky twist. Milles Roches Beach is on the largest of eleven islands on the St. Lawrence River, but the islands are – wait for it – the tops of underwater ghost towns! In the 1950s, ten communities were permanently submerged to create the St. Lawrence Seaway. Around 6500 people were displaced as a result of the intentional flooding. Today, this area of the St. Lawrence is popular with scuba divers who explore the remains of the underwater ghost towns. For those who’d prefer a more traditional beach experience, Milles Roches Beach is surrounded by a canopy of trees, and is popular with swimmers and water sports lovers alike.

Southeastern Ontario Tourism


Ottawa and Countryside

Alas, the Ottawa area isn’t well known as beach territory, but we do have an excellent suggestion for a secluded swimming hole. The pond at the Caldwell-Carver Conservation Area is very private, and made from what was a gravel and sand pit in the 1940s. Today, this little swimmer’s oasis sits nestled in among the trees. Head’s up: this is a quiet area with several restrictions (no dogs, no bikes, no noise), so this spot is best intended for those looking for a serene swim.

Ottawa & Countryside Tourism


Haliburton Highlands to the Ottawa Valley

It is, perhaps, a bit overshadowed by the giant that is Algonquin Provincial Park, but nearby Bonnechere Provincial Park is a gem all on its own. Happily, this soft, sandy beach on Round Lake recently had an accessibility upgrade in the form of a wheelchair-friendly path from the park to the beach, and floating wheelchairs are available to sign out. The water is shallow, making it kid-friendly, but please note there are no lifeguards on site. If you’re bringing a 4-legged friend, they are allowed to doggy-paddle off of the boat launch.

Haliburton Highlands to Ottawa Valley Tourism


ToDoOntario, father & son walking the beach

Algonquin Park, Almaguin Highlands, Muskoka and Parry Sound

Sorry, we just can’t commit to one “best” beach in this region. I mean, this so isn’t fair. How do you even pick in an area scattered with lakes and 100’s of kilometres of Georgian Bay shore? You can’t swing a stick in this part of Ontario without hitting a beautiful beach! Whether you’re visiting the aforementioned giant Algonquin Provincial Park or one of the many small cottage country towns (Gravenhurst, Honey Harbour, Parry Sound, Bala, Bracebridge to name a few) you will have ample options for beach fun.

Algonquin Park, Almaquin Highlands & Muskoka Tourism


Northeastern Ontario

The clean, fresh waters of Lake Nippissing are one of our personal faves, and can be enjoyed by anyone with a visit to Marathon Beach, North Bay. This small Ontario city has happily maintained its public, downtown beachfront. There’s a government dock for launching your watercraft and if you don’t have a boat to paddle, no worries – kayak rental is available. Surrounding the water, you’ll find a paved path for cyclists, beautifully maintained gardens, a playground and ice cream stand. Sounds like the makings for a perfect summer day, doesn’t it?

Northern Ontario Tourism


Sault-Ste.-Marie and Algoma

North of “the Soo” you’ll find Pancake Bay Provincial Park,  another gem of protected, natural beauty in Ontario. The sandy beach at Pancake Bay is 3 km long and is met by the crystal blue waters of Lake Superior. As with other Ontario provincial parks, there are amenities for camping (RVs welcome, yurt rentals are available), great trails for hiking and birding, and  a lake full of trout for anglers. While you’re there, check out the Edmund Fitzgerald Lookout and take in the view of the spot where that famous ship met its fate back in 1975, inspiring the now legendary song by Gordon Lightfoot.

Northern Ontario Tourism


Northwest Ontario

Chippewa Park Beach, beautiful, sandy beach, a view of the legendary Sleeping Giant, areas for volleyball and baseball, and amusement park rides are just a few of the features that catapulted Chippewa Park Beach to the top of our list. There are concession vendors for hungry day-trippers, or bring a picnic and eat in the park. One great perk: Chippewa Park Beach has lifeguards on duty during the summer months for extra peace-of-mind when swimming in Lake Superior.

Northern Ontario Tourism


Remember if you head out to a beach this summer to be courteous and stay safe. Keep social distancing and our favourite rules of thumb “Take only pictures and leave only footprints”. It’s just that easy. 

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5 Tips on Visiting Microbreweries in Ontario

The Quick Beginners Guide to Microbreweries

ToDoOntario - Ontario microbreweries

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Ontario features amazing places to visit including microbreweries. There are a ton of unique microbreweries in Ontario that offer distinct craft beers and a guaranteed good time.

Keep reading for tips on starting your Ontario craft beer adventure!

1. Find a Brewery in Your Area

Not sure what breweries are in your area? Ontario Craft Beers can show you what craft breweries are in your area. The site lists what different types of unique beers each brewery offers.

JustBeer Ontario is another helpful site that will show you breweries based on your are. When you click on a brewery, it will show you the various craft beers that the location offers.

2. Understanding Different Types of Beers

ToDoOntario - Yours Outdoors, Sip Swill Savour brew tour

Yours Outdoors Haliburton Highlands breweries tour beer flight

The selection of beers and the different types of brews a craft brewery offers may seem daunting to beginners. But don’t fret. Part of the craft brewery experience is learning about different types of beers and which ones you like. 

Beers have different colors, aromas, and flavors, and are often characterized by what country that beer is from. Beers are categorized as lagers, ales, stouts, and porters.

Lagers and ales can range from light to dark. Lighter lagers are known for being crisp and refreshing. Darker lagers tend to have richer aromas.

Ales are made with yeast strains and ferment in warmer temperatures. Lighter ales tend to be more refreshing and may have a malty flavor. Darker ales have richer flavors and may have a hoppy, bitter taste.

Stouts and porters are described as having “deep, roasty flavors” and are neither sweet nor bitter. They tend to be thicker beers are strongly flavored.

If you are new to craft beers, you should ease your way into darker beers, and start off with something light and refreshing.

3. Picking the Best Time to Go

While researching a brewery in your area to visit, remember to check what their hours are. Not all craft breweries have specific visiting hours. If this is the case, you can schedule a tour so that you can still visit the brewery.

You can also see what times that brewery may offer promotions. Some breweries offer different special promotions depending on the day and time. So be prepared before you go!

4. Try Something Different

If this isn’t your first time visiting a brewery or trying craft brews, don’t afraid to go outside of your comfort zone. Microbreweries are a great place to expand your palette and try new things.

Many breweries offer beer flights so that you can get a taste of an array of flavors. By trying new beers, you may find a new favorite!

5. Pace Yourself

While you’re exploring the wonderful world of microbreweries, don’t forget to pace yourself as you drink. Remember to stay hydrated and eat in between drinks. Most breweries offer delicious food items that will pair well with whatever beer you are drinking. 

If you’re going out to your local brewery, make sure you follow Ontario’s drinking guidelines and have either a designated driver or a safe mode of transportation (i.e. a cab or driving service).

Check out these GUIDED ONTARIO BREWERIES TOURS & EXPERIENCES in the ‘To Do’ Events Calendar.

Enjoy Unique Microbreweries in Ontario

With these tips in your back pocket, you are now ready to enjoy all the amazing flavors that microbreweries in Ontario have to offer. Try some craft beers outside of your comfort zone on one of your summer outings. And don’t forget to stay hydrated and travel safely on your craft brewery excursion.

Looking for more exciting things to do in Ontario? Check out events page and start your next adventure!

ToDoOntario5 Tips on Visiting Microbreweries in Ontario
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Heart Of Georgian Bay Souvenir Box Sale

An In-Home Ontario Travel Experience 

ToDoOntario - Heart of Georgian Bay Souvenir Box

ToDoOntario – Heart of Georgian Bay Souvenir Box

ToDoOntario is happy to announce a new fun souvenir box sale! 

Everyone is missing their usual Ontario trips. And the small businesses that count on their support are also missing their customers. So, wouldn’t it be nice if you could still have that destination experience AND help support your favourite regional businesses, from your home? 

Enter the Souvenir Box, Destination: Heart of Georgian Bay! This 13x10x5 box is filled with everyone’s favourite items purchased when they visit the small towns of Midland and Penetanguishene and Tiny and Tay Township. Box items celebrate Midland’s Best Butter Tart Festival, The Wye Marsh’s Sweetwater maple festival and more events and activities that have been greatly affected by the pandemic. 

ToDoOntario - Heart of Georgian Bay Souvenirs

For details and to order your Souvenir Box visit,

Take Me To Souvenir Page
ToDoOntarioHeart Of Georgian Bay Souvenir Box Sale
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Campfire Dessert Cones

While at home under quarantine we had a campfire in our backyard. There is no fire ban where I live and it was a fun outdoor activity we enjoyed, on a nice sunny warm day. I had seen a picture of a tasty campfire cone treat on social media a while ago and thought this was the perfect time to try it. After some searching on Pinterest, I quickly realized I was merely at the doorstep of a wonderful sweet world of cones, campfires and stuffing them full of tasty eats. Since these are pandemic times, there would be no trip to the grocery store so our creations would be limited to what we found in the pantry – not a bad thing in my house.

The first order of business is the catalyst in this experiment – heat! In this case we used a campfire, but if you’re in an apartment or you’re community has a fire ban, I see no reason why these can’t be cooked up on a bbq, in a toaster oven or an oven if you were making several (gotta make it worth it, right?!). 

ToDoOntario - campfire building
It’s as easy as you think. Load the waffle cone (I think any kind of cone would do) with all the treats. I think it’s important to have something that melts. Could you do just fruit? Yes, but would it ooze and melt and turn into something tasty and delicious the same way a cone with marshmallow, chocolate or peanut butter would…I don’t think so. You need a binder, just like recipes that need an egg. 

ToDoOntario - Campfire Dessert Cone Step 1
You can alternate layers of treats inside or just toss them in willy nilly. I used marshmallows, dark chocolate mint squares and chocolate chips. The possibilities are endless. Next time I’m adding fruit. Once you are satisfied with your stuffage, wrap the cone up in aluminum foil and place in the coals. Remember to move and turn it in the fire often, this will help cook it evenly and avoid scorch marks. 

ToDoOntario - Campfire Dessert Cone Step 2
I can’t say for sure how long it takes. I don’t profess to be any sort of expert, but I can say check often, and if you open it up and it’s not done, just wrap it back up and stick it back in! 

ToDoOntario - Campfire Dessert Cone, roasting
Like a campfire s’more and roasted marshmallows, we all have a toast-level preference. Some like just a wee hit of warm, some like brown ‘n toasty and others prefer the unique taste of thick black char. If this part takes practice, then so be it. Here was my level of toasty and melt-y and well, it was as delicious, messy, sticky and good as it looks! 

ToDoOntario - Campfire Dessert Cone, final
If you are planning to try this with little kids, I would suggest using the mini cones and if you don’t want a huge mess, stick to fillings that don’t melt and ooze so much. Have hand and face cleaning wet cloths nearby, for everyone, not just the kids.

Here’s an easy to ready recipe card! Enjoy and share your creations with us @ToDoOntario or #ToDoOntario

ToDoOntario - Campfire Dessert Cone Recipe Card

ToDoOntarioCampfire Dessert Cones
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Flower Power: The Best Places to Walk Among Sunflowers in Ontario

ToDoOntario sunflower fields

The sunflower is one of the most popular flower types. When you get a glimpse of these big, yellow flowers, they’re sure to cheer you up, no matter how bad of a day you’re having. It’s no wonder why they’re one of the most favorite blooms of people!

While it’s nice to see a big bouquet of them in a vase at home, perhaps you want to go bigger. What’s better than seeing a whole field of them growing in nature? It’ll be a fantastic trip out too!

Are you thinking of looking up “sunflower field near me”? Then you’re at the right article! Here are the best places to see sunflowers in Ontario, which is one of the top cities to see these flowers bloom.

Rounds Ranch

Rounds Ranch is a beautiful place where you can see all the sunflowers to your heart’s content. Not only that, but you can always get on a wagon ride out to the field if you’d like to kick back and relax. This leaves you free to snap all the photos you want, whether that’s a selfie, group picture, or just amazing landscape photos of the field.

One of the best things about Rounds Ranch is you can pick your own sunflowers, which not many other fields offer. Not only that, but it’s completely free too! This means you, your little ones, and friends can all bring a living souvenir back home after your visit to the ranch.

While you’re there, make sure you partake in other ranch activities too; they have over 20 of them. For example, they have a few mazes (corn, mist, and moo), pedal carts, pony rides, petting zoo, Western play fort, duck races, obstacle courses, buckin’ bronco, and more! It’s hours of family fun, for sure!

Rounds Ranch 2021 Summer Fun KICK OFF June 25 & 26

Rounds Ranch plans to open for the 2021 season on Jun 25 and 26 with all kinds of new activities and specials. Start your summer off on the right foot and join them for the Rounds Ranch Kick Off. Test out 6 NEW activities. Experience the thrill of going down our 500′ Slip’n’Slide (ride all day for only $7.99 with paid admission) PLUS 20 other activities to keep everyone entertained for hours. Prize giveaways every hour. 25% off merchandise in the General Mercantile.

Learn More

Rounds Ranch Sunflower Experience July 31 – September 6, 2021

Enjoy a safe, outdoor farm experience and disconnect from your phones and connect with each other while savouring the beauty of stunning sunflowers and gorgeous cut flowers.

Your Sunflower Experience includes:

  • A scenic wagon ride to the back of the Ranch
  • Meander through 7 acres of 44 different varieties of sunflowers plus one acre of beautiful cut flowers and experience peace and tranquility in the quietness of a large field
  • Take loads of pictures to capture memories of your day.  Unique props throughout the field provide amazing photo backdrops
  • Pick your favourite sunflower to take home.  Snippers, bags and water are provided in the field tent.
  • Purchase a decorative bucket and fill it to the brim of sunflowers and cut flowers
  • Enjoy 25+ activities in Ranchland (included in your admissions price).  Click here to see all the fun activities
  • Experience the thrill of going down the 500′ Slip’n’Slide (additional fee)
  • Ride a horse or pony (additional fee).  Book your ride at the gate.
Buy Tickets Now

ToDoOntario, taking sunflower photos

The Sunflower Farm

With a name like this, how could you not go and take a look?

This farm is located in Durham Region and spans 10 acres. They boast of being the first and largest sunflower farm in the entire area.

Not only can you walk in the field, but you can also take a tractor ride through it if you’re tired, are bringing small children and/or those who are disabled, or just want to rest your feet.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to pick the sunflowers here. The farm harvests their flowers in the fall for the sunflower seeds. If you do want farm-grown sunflowers, you can buy some at the entrance.

The Sunflower Farm has been open since July 23rd and is open every day of the week, except for Wednesdays. Before you travel to the farm, you should first call to confirm that they’re open so you don’t have an unexpected surprise when you arrive.

Pingle’s Farm Market

This is another sunflower field you’ll find in Durham Region. If you’re anywhere near Oshawa, you’ll have easy access to this field, as it’s just 5 minutes away.

Here, you’ll get to see tall sunflowers of the classic variety; this is the first year this market’s planted these flowers. Considering they grow to be 5 feet tall, they might be taller than most of your kids!

In addition, Pingle’s Farm Market has other varieties of sunflowers so you can get a good look at how awesome Mother Nature is. Also, your ticket includes a wagon ride in the flower field and one stem or live-cut sunflower. You can also pay extra to pick more stems or sunflowers.

Other family activities include a huge corn maze, drive-in movies, u-picks, and lots of delicious homemade foods to eat and/or bring home. 

Pingle’s Farm Market is only open to visitors for 2 weekends in August: 14-16 and 21-23. They’re also doing a photographers only event from the 17th to the 19th and a sunset event on the 21st.

Andrew’s Farm Market

At Andrew’s Farm Market, you’ll take in 165 acres of beautiful farmland. Here, they plant things like dahlias, apples, berries, currants, and sweet corn.

What’s great is you can pick your own to bring home. You can also take wagon rides and go on walking trails to explore everything this farm market has to offer. Other things they offer are an animal corral, playground, and straw mountain climb for your little ones.

And of course, the attraction you’re most interested in is probably their sunflower field. The Sunflower Kingdom is actually open later than the other places on here; their sunflower fields aren’t open until September or later. So if you’ve missed out on sunflowers in August, not to worry, as you can head over to Andrew’s Farm Market.

When you’re hungry, you can get some BBQ and ice cream at the farm. You can also pick up some pie from the Farm Store.

The “Best Sunflower Field Near Me” Isn’t Far Away

Now that you’ve read this article, you’ve probably realized that the “best sunflower field near me” isn’t far away at all! Ontario has plenty of sunflower fields as well as other attractions, so your time will be well spent in this city.

Whether you’re coming alone or bringing a significant other and/or kids, you’re definitely going to have a blast in this city’s sunflower fields.

So get to planning your outing now with our great tips! Most sunflower fields close at the end of August, so make sure you don’t miss out.

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ToDoOntarioFlower Power: The Best Places to Walk Among Sunflowers in Ontario
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