5 Tips on Visiting Microbreweries in Ontario

The Quick Beginners Guide to Microbreweries

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Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Ontario features amazing places to visit including microbreweries. There are a ton of unique microbreweries in Ontario that offer distinct craft beers and a guaranteed good time.

Keep reading for tips on starting your Ontario craft beer adventure!

1. Find a Brewery in Your Area

Not sure what breweries are in your area? Ontario Craft Beers can show you what craft breweries are in your area. The site lists what different types of unique beers each brewery offers.

JustBeer Ontario is another helpful site that will show you breweries based on your are. When you click on a brewery, it will show you the various craft beers that the location offers.

2. Understanding Different Types of Beers

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The selection of beers and the different types of brews a craft brewery offers may seem daunting to beginners. But don’t fret. Part of the craft brewery experience is learning about different types of beers and which ones you like. 

Beers have different colors, aromas, and flavors, and are often characterized by what country that beer is from. Beers are categorized as lagers, ales, stouts, and porters.

Lagers and ales can range from light to dark. Lighter lagers are known for being crisp and refreshing. Darker lagers tend to have richer aromas.

Ales are made with yeast strains and ferment in warmer temperatures. Lighter ales tend to be more refreshing and may have a malty flavor. Darker ales have richer flavors and may have a hoppy, bitter taste.

Stouts and porters are described as having “deep, roasty flavors” and are neither sweet nor bitter. They tend to be thicker beers are strongly flavored.

If you are new to craft beers, you should ease your way into darker beers, and start off with something light and refreshing.

3. Picking the Best Time to Go

While researching a brewery in your area to visit, remember to check what their hours are. Not all craft breweries have specific visiting hours. If this is the case, you can schedule a tour so that you can still visit the brewery.

You can also see what times that brewery may offer promotions. Some breweries offer different special promotions depending on the day and time. So be prepared before you go!

4. Try Something Different

If this isn’t your first time visiting a brewery or trying craft brews, don’t afraid to go outside of your comfort zone. Microbreweries are a great place to expand your palette and try new things.

Many breweries offer beer flights so that you can get a taste of an array of flavors. By trying new beers, you may find a new favorite!

5. Pace Yourself

While you’re exploring the wonderful world of microbreweries, don’t forget to pace yourself as you drink. Remember to stay hydrated and eat in between drinks. Most breweries offer delicious food items that will pair well with whatever beer you are drinking. 

If you’re going out to your local brewery, make sure you follow Ontario’s drinking guidelines and have either a designated driver or a safe mode of transportation (i.e. a cab or driving service).

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Enjoy Unique Microbreweries in Ontario

With these tips in your back pocket, you are now ready to enjoy all the amazing flavors that microbreweries in Ontario have to offer. Try some craft beers outside of your comfort zone on one of your summer outings. And don’t forget to stay hydrated and travel safely on your craft brewery excursion.

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ToDoOntario5 Tips on Visiting Microbreweries in Ontario