Campfire Dessert Cones

While at home under quarantine we had a campfire in our backyard. There is no fire ban where I live and it was a fun outdoor activity we enjoyed, on a nice sunny warm day. I had seen a picture of a tasty campfire cone treat on social media a while ago and thought this was the perfect time to try it. After some searching on Pinterest, I quickly realized I was merely at the doorstep of a wonderful sweet world of cones, campfires and stuffing them full of tasty eats. Since these are pandemic times, there would be no trip to the grocery store so our creations would be limited to what we found in the pantry – not a bad thing in my house.

The first order of business is the catalyst in this experiment – heat! In this case we used a campfire, but if you’re in an apartment or you’re community has a fire ban, I see no reason why these can’t be cooked up on a bbq, in a toaster oven or an oven if you were making several (gotta make it worth it, right?!). 

ToDoOntario - campfire building
It’s as easy as you think. Load the waffle cone (I think any kind of cone would do) with all the treats. I think it’s important to have something that melts. Could you do just fruit? Yes, but would it ooze and melt and turn into something tasty and delicious the same way a cone with marshmallow, chocolate or peanut butter would…I don’t think so. You need a binder, just like recipes that need an egg. 

ToDoOntario - Campfire Dessert Cone Step 1
You can alternate layers of treats inside or just toss them in willy nilly. I used marshmallows, dark chocolate mint squares and chocolate chips. The possibilities are endless. Next time I’m adding fruit. Once you are satisfied with your stuffage, wrap the cone up in aluminum foil and place in the coals. Remember to move and turn it in the fire often, this will help cook it evenly and avoid scorch marks. 

ToDoOntario - Campfire Dessert Cone Step 2
I can’t say for sure how long it takes. I don’t profess to be any sort of expert, but I can say check often, and if you open it up and it’s not done, just wrap it back up and stick it back in! 

ToDoOntario - Campfire Dessert Cone, roasting
Like a campfire s’more and roasted marshmallows, we all have a toast-level preference. Some like just a wee hit of warm, some like brown ‘n toasty and others prefer the unique taste of thick black char. If this part takes practice, then so be it. Here was my level of toasty and melt-y and well, it was as delicious, messy, sticky and good as it looks! 

ToDoOntario - Campfire Dessert Cone, final
If you are planning to try this with little kids, I would suggest using the mini cones and if you don’t want a huge mess, stick to fillings that don’t melt and ooze so much. Have hand and face cleaning wet cloths nearby, for everyone, not just the kids.

Here’s an easy to ready recipe card! Enjoy and share your creations with us @ToDoOntario or #ToDoOntario

ToDoOntario - Campfire Dessert Cone Recipe Card

ToDoOntarioCampfire Dessert Cones