The Horn Trip Driving Route & Must-Stops of Prince Edward County

The Horn Trip route is a great way to see the eastern shores of Prince Edward County. Did you know that the term Horn Trip originated from driving around the back roads of PEC, drinking alcohol and stopping in to your friends and family’s houses along the way?

The route takes you from Picton’s Town Hall, past Waupoos, Cressy, Prinyer’s Cove and Lake on the Mountain. This route resembles a long horn, hence the term, Horn Trip.

ToDoOntario - Prince Edward County Horn Trip

Things To See & Do In Prince Edward County

Nowadays there are many great places to visit along the Horn Trip route, sans the open alcohol. From spas, museums, wineries, outdoor activities, farms, boat launches and restaurants, you could spend days driving in circles!

As you leave Picton, heading towards Waupoos, you can’t miss Birdhouse City! Here you’ll find an entire city of birdhouses benefiting the local bird population. Stroll through the birdhouses and enjoy Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area (bring your toboggan if you’re visiting in the winter).

ToDoOntario - Prince Edward County, Birdhouse City

Prince Edward County, Birdhouse City

Where To Snack & Eat In PEC

Slightly off the route, because it can’t be missed, is Black River Cheese Company, founded in 1901. This historical cheese factory pumps out the squeakiest and tastiest cheese curds you’ll ever get to try. The Black Creek, in its backyard, is a paddler’s delight so bring your gear!

ToDoOntario - Prince Edward County, cheese curds

ToDoOntario – Prince Edward County, Black River cheese curds

A quick stop at the Rutherford-Stevens Lookout over Smith’s Bay and the ever moody Lake Ontario should never be missed, in any season. Namaste right here!

ToDoOntario - Prince Edward County, lookout

Prince Edward County, Smith’s Bay Lookout

Rolling in to Waupoos, dreaming of the wine and cider to come, don’t miss the old canning factory and marina! There’s just too much history to miss so turn right and head towards the water.

ToDoOntario - Prince Edward County, abandoned factory and marina

Prince Edward County, abandoned factory and marina

No one would disagree that PEC has become a wine lover’s paradise and you won’t miss out on its fruits while on the Horn Trip. Enjoy responsibly.

ToDoOntario - Wauboos Estates Winery & Restaurant

Prince Edward County – Wauboos Estates Winery & Restaurant
Sunday – Thursday 11am -4pm
Friday, Saturday 11am – 5pm

With Waupoos and Cressy being the true Vikings of the Horn Trip you have to visit the farthest tip of the horn, out in Cressy. Living on the edge of these shores, farming, educating, relaxing and growing old is absolute paradise. False Ducks Island and the shores of America off in the distance provide the perfect daydreaming backdrop.

ToDoOntario - Prince Edward County, Lake Ontario shoreline

Prince Edward County, Lake Ontario shoreline

The Horn Trip is adorned with history and when you pass Prinyer’s Cove and make a turn back towards Picton, you won’t have the comfort of moody Lake Ontario but rather the calm waters of the Bay of Quinte. Life seems slower on the ‘Bay Side’, more majestic, calmer. Slow down your pace and take it all in.

No Horn Trip is complete without a stop at Lake on the Mountain to watch the Glenora Ferry do her job. Don’t expect trails to wander on, just bring your binoculars to take in all the views. There really is a lake on the mountain too! Bring a picnic or stop in for a local brew, this is your last stop.

To learn more about visiting Prince Edward County, use the Southeast Ontario region tourism page:

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ToDoOntarioThe Horn Trip Driving Route & Must-Stops of Prince Edward County