The Office Experience Is Coming To Toronto

Remember Kevin Malone’s famous chili spill? It does not have to live rent-free in your head anymore if you can make your way to Toronto from March 3 to June 4, 2023. The Office Experience Toronto will be a reality for fans and visitors alike. 

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What To Expect From The Office Experience Toronto-Themed Attraction 

Get ready to celebrate your favorite show in person. Explore the recreated Dunder Mifflin Inc., complete with the original setup, props, and costumes. Sit at Michael Scott’s desk and relive his cringe and goofy moments. Re-enact Pam’s reception scenes, view Ryan’s closet, or spill Kevin’s chili. 

The experience goes beyond the setup inside the office. You can also step outside the Pennsylvania branch paper company. Visit Scranton Business Park and take photos of the company’s business sign. 

You also get to walk down the aisle at Pam and Jim’s wedding venue or re-enact the dance scenes of your favorite actors. Visit Schrute Farms and relive Pam and Jim’s delightfully awkward stay at Dwight’s bed and breakfast. Aside from recording your videos and snapping a couple of photos to memorize the experience, there will be a themed replica retail store onsite selling exclusive items for ticketed and non-ticketed guests. 

Add The Office Experience to Your List of Things To Do in Toronto 

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If you are touring Toronto and need items to fill up your itinerary, The Office Experience is a must-see. You do not need to be an ardent fan of the show to enjoy the venture. The themed recreation showcases the renowned series in a grandiose, captivating, engaging, and interactive way enough to capture anyone’s attention. 

There is extensive detail about the making of the legendary series, highlighting moments that made it a sensation and the brilliant work behind its success. You also get to see what constitutes a set life, the elements that make a show feel like real life and create life-long memories simultaneously. 

Plan Ahead for a Seamless Experience 

The Office Experience Toronto runs from March 3 to June 4, 2023, at Yorkdale Shopping Centre opposite the Lego Store. The address is 3401 Dufferin St., Toronto, ON, M6A 2T9, Canada. 

Entry Times 

  • Thursdays & Fridays: 12 p.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Saturdays: 10:00 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Sundays: 11:00 a.m. – 6 p.m. 

Open full week of March Break.

Time slots are open after every 30 minutes. 

ToDoOntario - The Office Experience, Toronto - Shcrute Farms

Available Passes 

  • A general admission pass provides full access to The Office Experience on the selected date and time and affords you a personalized Dunder Mifflin employee badge. General admission passes are available for people four years and older. Entry is free for persons under three years old. Adults must accompany children under 12. Seniors aged 55 and older should have a valid ID or a senior, student, or military badge. 
  • The flexible entry pass gives you the full experience and a personalized Dunder Mifflin employee badge at any time of the specified date and one hour before closing.
  • The premium ticket pass grants you full access to the experience, priority entry, a personalized Dunder Mifflin employee badge, and a “Dunder Mifflin Company Picnic” Toronto tote bag.
  • Guided Group passes permit entry to a group of 6, 8, or 10 guests first thing on weekends at a five-minute interval to personalize the experience.
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